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What is Incident Management Software

What is incident management software and why is it being talked about so frequently these days? If you are keen on getting answers to this question, you may find this article interesting and informative. Incident management software is one of the most common IT support processes that are being used across companies, big and small. It is considered critical and useful because IT makes use of it to respond to various customer problems and situations. We are in a highly competitive and tough business environment and losing a customer is often considered as a cardinal sin.

Hence, whenever a customer talks about something damaged, broken, nonfunctional or unavailable, it has to be addressed as soon as possible. In a big business environment where you could have thousands of customers, tracking such problems manually would be impossible and impractical. The customers could be located across many locations and therefore there must be a foolproof, dependable and reliable way to track problems and solve them accordingly. This is where the role of incident management software systems comes in very handy.

What Exactly Is An Incident?

An incident as defined in an IT context refers to an event that has taken place. Such events are not a part of the normal and routine operations of a company and it could disrupt the business processes and user activities. An incident is considered open from the time it has started and till the time it has been corrected and normalcy has been restored. Customers can be both internal and external customers. Hence, Incident Management Software is also very much in use within organizations and of course outside it. When a particular technology fails or a component within a process does not work properly, it is referred to as an incident. Workflows could also be disturbed because today most of the workflows are automated.

SaaS is an area where the use of incident management software is considered to be very useful. It could be a situation when a user tries to access a specific service and is not able to connect or there is an error message that is returned. Data inconsistency is another area where the use of Incident Management Software is becoming quite common these days. Thousands of apps are used on mobile phones and many more are used on small, medium and large-sized computers. When a few of these applications develop a bug, it could lead to an incident that might impact the entire process. When you have the right incident management software, it will be possible to identify the exact location where the problem has arisen and the necessary steps could be taken to correct the same.

Hardware Incident

Quite often we come across error messages such as System-down, and also face issues with servers, connectivity related problems, failure of certain components and also issues concerning infrastructure. These could be related to cooling devices, power failures and a host of other dependencies.


Hence, it is quite obvious that in today’s highly tough and competitive business environment, having the right EHS incident management software is vital and critical for the smooth and seamless running of the entire processes.