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Why You Should Have an Orthodontic Retainer

Orthodontic retainers are generally made by the orthodontist or even general dentists. They are offered after the performance of a specific orthodontic treatment. There are basically two types of retainers that are recommended after braces, removable and fixed. The former comes with a thin wire running around the lower or upper front. However, you have to take the services of a qualified and experienced orthodontist and then choose the right orthodontic retainer. You can always get in touch with a reputed orthodontist in Edmond based on research and information-gathering. Before using them, you must be aware of the reasons why you should use them because they do cost money and you would like to spend it the right way.

Retainers Help Teeth To Stay In New Positions

Teeth are not rigid and they are not set in bones. They are held firmly in place by a set of ligaments that are like hammocks. The bone that surrounds the ligaments is pliable. While that is good news, it would take quite a bit of time for the ligament and bone around the teeth to re-form and have it stabilized in the new position. A retainer helps to hold the new teeth firmly in place while the process of stabilization is taking place.

It Could Help Your Smile To Stay Fresh

Not many of us may be aware that our gum tissue and bones have memory. It helps teeth to remember where they were placed. If you leave the teeth alone, they try to get to the place where they existed before and this will defeat the very purpose of using Invisalign and other kinds of braces. However, this problem can be overcome with the help of a retainer and it certainly will help in keeping your smile in good condition.

There Are Different Types Available

A few decades ago, almost all retainers were made out of plastic material and silver wire. They were removable. Though they are still available, you now have different color choices and patterns available. It is also possible to customize the retainers and choose one that perfectly fits over your teeth. They become almost invisible while they continue to do their jobs.

With Time You Need To Wear Them Less and Less

To begin with, you may have to wear these retainers daily. However, with the time you may have to wear them for certain periods during the day. After a few months, most users of retainers are required to wear it only during nights. That makes it very easy to manage. You could get out those regular visits to an orthodontist in Edmond OK and you also end up saving some money. However, your good-old smile still continues to be as good as it was before.

It Is Worn By Many Celebrities 

There are several young artistes and even a recently married British Prince who have a history of wearing retainers. Many of them could still be wearing them. Therefore, you are in an elite company if you are wearing one.

The Final Word

When you have spent thousands of dollars in correcting the alignment of your teeth, it does make sense to spend some more money on orthodontic retainers. Their benefits are quite a few and they have a proven track record.

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