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Which Is The Best Gun For Your Personal Use

There is a growing demand for handguns for personal use apart from guns that are used for gaming, hunting, and other purposes. This is because there is a growing incidence of crime across the country. The cops have their hands full and therefore, citizens and residents Oklahoma City and surrounding areas are keen on protecting their interests with a suitable handgun. Though the guns may not always be a 100% guarantee for safety and security, they certainly act as a big deterrent. With so many different types, sizes and shapes of guns available at gun stores in Oklahoma City, it is not possible to make the right choice provided you are well informed and knowledgeable. Based on experience and expertise, we are happy to share a list of some of the most common guns that are used in homes. We are sure it will help the readers and perhaps prospective firearms purchasers to make an informed and correct size that is based on facts rather than being driven by hype or opinions.

Hand Guns

Handguns are the most popular and common choice because of their weight, size and design features buy guns in OKC. They are considered to be the automatic choice for personal defense. They can be carried with ease and with minimal exposure. However, because of its size, the cartridges are weak and repeated shooting might become a problem if and when it is needed.


Any size of pistol will work quite well as far as your home defense needs and requirements are concerned. They are capable of carrying a number of rounds. They have reasonably moderate recoil, and they are also easy to train and use. However, they may not be of too much use when you have more than two or three intruders coming into your home. But there is little doubt that pistols and has stood the test of time and is considered to be a good choice as far as home safety and protection are concerned.


If you are looking for a firearm that is reliable and efficient, then it is quite obvious that gun dealers and gunsmiths would always recommend a revolver. It is considered to be extremely user-friendly and even beginners and women should not find it too difficult to use it once they have learned the basics. They do not use magazines and this is an advantage that often gets overlooked. Magazines are a risk for autoloading pistols and they are also fragile. They also are expensive. All the above problems are avoided if one decides to go in for revolvers.


Rifles are known for their higher capacity and have powerful rounds. If you are looking for a firearm that can cover longer distances, then it is quite obvious that rifle is the best choice when compared to pistols and revolvers. However, you need to use both hands and when it comes to close encounters and body-to-body fights, they could be a problem. But the very sight of a rifle is menacing and not many criminals and wrongdoers would be willing to stick their neck out when a rifle is around.

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