Cons Of Free Email Marketing Tools

Email marketing is one of the most effective OKC online marketing ways. Every online marketer does admit this. There are many free email marketing tools available there in the market. They do help online marketers quite a bit.

However, on the flip side, there are quite a few disadvantages with these free tools. Anything that comes for free has its own set of limitations and therefore these free email marketing tools also have their own share of problems. Online support from the service providers will certainly be nonexistent as far as these free tools are concerned. You will have to find your way out and if you stuck with a problem that cannot be solved, your whole exercise might go waste.

Though many service providers might talk about free tools, when it comes to customization of templates even with the basic could come only with a price. You may many times have to depend on the service providers’ API to ensure that it is in sync with your customer relationship management software. If this does not happen, it might not serve the purpose for which it is being used.

When it comes to customizing sign up forms, it has generally been found that free tools are quite difficult and cumbersome to use. Though many such tools talk about autoresponders, delivery according to time zone, spam filter facilities and social media monitoring when it comes to actual delivery on the ground they would be found wanting. In most cases, these features do not work at all.

Even triggered emails will perhaps never be possible when you use free email marketing tools. If some service provider is making such claims, you can be more than sure that this would just be a glib talk rather than anything else. If you have a need to send mobile-based email tools, you can quite give up such an idea because they are not available in most of these free tools. Drip programs and A/B Testing which are basic automation features may never be available in these free tools. They are at best suited for extremely small startup companies and once the size goes, you can well say goodbye to these tools because they will not work.

Finally, when you opt for such free tools from unreliable and unknown sources you run the big risk of infecting your computer, laptop, mobile phones and other such devices with viruses and malware. This could waste all your effort to start your business on the right note.

Hence before opting for a free email marketing tool, you must do your homework properly and be sure that you are getting a software solution which will at least be able to meet your basic needs. Without this being in place, you might end up wasting time and effort and get no returns out of it. Before opting for such free software tools for running email campaigns you must do your research and gather the required information and knowledge. There are many online resources available, which can help you choose the right free email software tool. You should go by genuine end user feedbacks and also what Social Media experts and experienced users have to say about it.










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