Granite Countertops – The Next Big Thing for Your House

There are many factors to consider while choosing a countertop for your kitchen. If granite has reached the top of your list, then read the report below to decide its pros and cons make this a good option for your house.

What is granite countertops?

Granite is a durable and scratch-resistant stone consisting of mineral crystals and several other minerals and cheaper in comparison to many other substitutes. For the kitchen, it’s a good option since it is more sturdy than marble.

Special tools are needed to transform raw granite into countertops. And as quartz countertops in Phoenix come in a wide range of colors, they attract consumers throughout the world. Granite is the most popular choice of countertop material.


Granite is a “renewable” material. Since producing granite ends up taking hundreds of years, industry experts nowadays are not classifying it as a truly green product. It is important to remember that in recent times the granite industry took huge steps in production and manufacturing processes. Since granite countertops will last a lifetime and since it does not contain any harmful substances, customers are upgrading their house and kitchen with the most stunning granite counterparts which are available in a wide range of colors.

Granite countertops are extremely chemical resistant. It will not be affected by acids and bases. It is a genuine choice for countertop surfaces as it is quarried in their natural process from the soil and cut into slabs. It is easier to install the granite countertops in Tempe AZ. This makes the home more pleasant. Granite is resistant to scratches. It means it can be scratched by very few rocks. You may cut it down, but it’s not advised as it will dull your knives and possibly leave behind metal stains that can be difficult to remove.


When you coat granite with existing paint, it can be permanently stained. The countertops of granite last a lifetime so if you are unhappy with its design, you are either going to stay with it or remove the whole slab because you can’t change the design. Granite slabs are sturdy and unique, so if you want a fully modern look for your house, it might not be a good option.

Granite is a porous material. This implies poorly sealed counters could absorb liquids resulting in a stain that could be permanent. Pores could also contain bacteria and other organisms which might be harmful to your health. Properly treated granite may last forever without sealing, but many countertops must be resealed on an annual basis. If it is ignored, it won’t take too long for the countertops to start showing indications of staining. Once welded to the cabinets, it is very hard to get rid and can result in damage to your cabinet.


For your kitchen, the granite countertops fit perfectly. Ensure you hire an experienced professional to install and seal them properly. As the granite countertops will remain intact in the decades to come they will give your house and kitchen an exceptional beauty.

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