GTC 2012 Keynote (Part 03): The NVIDIA Kepler GPU Architecture


  1. Why is he not getting applause left and right here? Hyper-Q and Dynamic
    parallelism are amazing.

  2. is maxwell gonna be a gpu/cpu card?

  3. SCrashNeT Ortiz Lozano

    That Guy is Yen Hsung Huang, NVDIA’s founder and actual C.E.O.

  4. GPUz with such power can handle antything ……. even the fermi was
    capable doing anything a gamer would want…..the gtx 580 had enough
    compute strength to compete with gpuz of today……games are not much
    demanding as compared to the level of computing in gpu….. due to
    marketing reasons the limit the gpu perormance through the driver ….. as
    every hardware needs software they are able to control it…..if there
    would have been no limitation even to the 580 i bet it could last 6 yrs

  5. great, Huang is lying again. This is why I usually don’t care for GTC

  6. well you have a point there

  7. i just got a GTX 650 Ti and its great

  8. 2:43 effff efff effff

  9. I don’t think bf3 is using the kepler framework though : )

  10. 100%

  11. thats my father. ^^

  12. Who’s paying the gpu for all this work? O.o Poor Gpu slave!

  13. I have my 8800 gt 1 Giga and i can push all game at max with min 30 fps all
    time =)

  14. AssassinGrudge

    why only sm35 Gpus can run dynamic parallesim

  15. If only we had known you assholes would sabotage Kepler with gameworks
    right after the release of Maxwell.

  16. Whaaao,maxwells silver ama tea via unknown?!