RV Waxing Service: Why Do You Need One

Maintaining the exterior of your RV can extend the vehicle’s life to a great extent and protect your investment. If you aren’t cleaning and waxing your RV regularly and properly, it might be difficult to retain the original look of the vehicle. 

Therefore, to ensure an amazing exterior, don’t forget to clean and wax regularly. The best RV waxing service includes proper inspection and takes necessary steps to maintain your vehicle in the best possible way. They know how to apply effective methods to make your RV’s exterior look new and shiny.

Why do you need to wax your RV?

mobile RV wash and wax servicer are both similar. When you add extra protection to the surface of your vehicle through waxing, it protects against harmful UV rays. This is why you need to wax your RV periodically. 

However, waxing an RV is tedious job and time-consuming. Therefore, it is best to hire an RV waxing service to do it for you. That’s because they are familiar with waxing RVs and produce effective results. 

Still, if you are reluctant to undertake the task on your own, probably you should start by choosing a wax specifically designed for RVs. Also, you may want to test the effectiveness of the wax in a small area first. 

What should be the right wax for your RV?

The first thing to keep in your mind is that you should a wax specially formulated for the kind of surfaces that RVs have. For example, if your mobile RV cleaning service comes with corrugated aluminum siding, it is best to use wax specifically formulated for metal surfaces.

If the surface comes with a glossy gel coat finish or fiberglass siding, you can use a wax suited for those surface types. Apart from that, you can use spray-on wax bottles that look great. However, the only downside is that the wax finish won’t last for a long time compared to traditional wax.

How often you should wax your RV

When it comes to deciding the frequency of waxing your RV, you have to consider certain factors. The best way to get started is by asking yourself some important questions. Here are the questions.

  • How frequently do you drive the RV?
  • Is the vehicle stored outside or inside?
  • If the RV was stored outside, was it covered? 
  • How often is your RV exposed to direct sunlight or other hazardous elements?

Typically, the more your RV gets exposed to damaging elements, the more you would want to add a protective layer on its surface. In short, you have to protect your RV by applying a layer of wax on its exterior. 

Even if the RV is stored inside, it is recommended to wax the vehicle at least once a year. For that, you may need the best RV waxing service in your area. Besides, when the RV is stored outside, you need to wax it every season to keep it in great shape.

To find out whether your RV needs waxing, pour water in a small amount on the surface. If you notice that the water forms a puddle instead of beading, it means water is running off the paint. Therefore, it is time to wax the RV again.

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