The Best Mortgage Rates in Georgetown County, South Carolina

Famous for its historic towns, scenic coastline, and hotspot destinations, South Carolina is a dream home location for many people. The good news in this matter is that attractive mortgage rates North Myrtle Beach, SC are closer to national averages.

Mortgage Rates Earlier in South Carolina

The confirmed mortgage rate limit for South Carolina countries is $647,200. It also indicates the low-cost houses in this region. Loan limits by FHA differ but typically can be between $420,680 to $473,800.

The disclosure law in Georgetown County, SC mandates that the seller needs to provide the buyer with a disclosure form. It is the Residential Property Condition Disclosure Statement from South Carolina Real Estate Commission. This form also includes known defects details, items included in the sale, and environmental hazards such as structural damage, mold, and neighborhood noise. Such closures can be helpful for the buyers, but it’s best to avoid stopping there. So the best thing to do for the buyer would be to schedule a house inspection to uncover unseen flaws. 

Fixed 30-Year Mortgage Rates in Georgetown County

A 30-year mortgage of fixed rate would be your best bet to purchase your forever Gerogetown County, South Carolina house. With this home loan, the buyers get a long pay-off period – three decades and the interest rate is the same for the total loan duration unless the owner wants to refinance. As you can estimate your monthly bills, it would be simple to create a budget. 

Also, you can choose a fixed rate 15-year term mortgage. You would need to pay less interest with such options and pay off the loan in half time, but you’ll need to send a higher monthly payment. 

The average South Carolina rate for a 30-year mortgage is around 3.56%. 

ARM Mortgage Rates in South Carolina 

ARMs or Adjustable rate mortgages are sometimes preferred as fixed-rate loans as they provide a low initial interest rate. The lower rate is for an introductory period lasting for one, three, five, seven, or ten years, based on the terms of the loan. After that period, the interest rate can slightly change and generally increase. 

However, it doesn’t mean that the rate would jump to a high level overnight. The rate is capped at a certain level specified in the term of the loan, so you are aware of how high it would reach. It is the main factor to ensure that even with the maximum potential interest rate you can easily pay. The ARM rates are much higher than today’s 30-year mortgage rates Pawley’s Island, SC including the fixed and jumbo rates. 

The average 5/1 ARM rate is 2.67% in South Carolina (Zillow, Jan. 2022). 

South Carolina Mortgage

South Carolina has a deed recording fee for any property transfers. It is at around $1.85 per $500, or 0.37%. The rate is divided into $1.30 for the state and about $0.55 for the whole country. Generally, sellers pay such fees in South Carolina. 

Georgetown County, SC homeowners can get low mortgage interest from the taxable income after they file state and federal income taxes.


To get the exact cost estimate of the mortgage rates today North Myrtle Beach, SC, you can use an online mortgage calculator. These calculators provide a thorough breakdown of the future mortgage payments with the insurance and taxes. With a price rise of 7.9% in the previous year, South Carolina houses are still the 14th most affordable ones in the country. So, it’s a great investment decision to mortgage your home in Georgetown County, SC.

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