Types of Online Call Tracking Software

An online call tracking service helps businesses discover the identity of the caller. The online service allows marketers to trace phone calls of the campaigns. You can do the task very easily, just because it’s online, and you won’t have to perform any manual steps.

Without call tracking, call-centric companies will miss out on a huge number of data about their potential clients and convert them into buyers. Adding a call tracking software to your business will improve SEO, and offer better ROI. Let’s find out more about this in this article. 

Campaign-level call tracking: When you opt for an online call tracking software, you will get a campaign-level call feature. With this, you can buy the phone numbers specific to the campaign and it can be used for an offline campaign as well.

Session-level call tracking: The next type is session-level tracking of calls. Other than using unique phone numbers for the campaign, you will get the personal phone numbers of the visitors; this is known as the dynamic number insertion. This is a powerful way of call tracking useful for small sales cycles where customers are ready to purchase, as the phone number will stay on your website for the specific session.

Visitor-level call tracking: Using this type of online call tracking, your marketing team can view the entire journey of the customer and add the phone number with the campaign, ad or keyword. This resolves the issues with the first two call tracking types, as you will get a better view of the entire journey and call tracking. To get this type of call tracking software you can opt for a reputed online outgoing call tracking software

Why is call tracking important?

If you fail to understand the value of the phone call recording software of your clients and customers then you are not tracking them. 

For any company with a phone number, where the main conversation method is through calls, call tracking software is important. The software or service will enable the marketing team to check the reports on the progress of the campaigns, based on the number of calls they received and the revenue attached to the same. 

How does call tracking software work?

Normally, call tracking works by providing unique phone numbers to organization campaigns. The main purpose is still there but it has become advanced with the technologies. 

For a long time, unique numbers used to be allocated to radio, TV, or specific print ads. This meant the businesses can monitor the success of the campaigns and assess where they should invest for the next ads. But with the advancements in technology over the past twenty years, a new type of customer journey has arrived. Ways to buy things are now far from the level, which is where call tracking software comes in. 

Using an online call tracking software, interested visitors are directed to your website and they get a unique number to get in touch with you. Next, the provider of the number will track the individual visitors and convert the same on the phone. This data can be attached to the purchasing journey of the customer. 


An online call tracking software is very useful not just for marketing campaigns, but for your day-to-day business. Using such a service you can get better insights into the buying journey of the customer also, it will be beneficial to identify the types of audience you are dealing with. 

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