4D Ultrasound – Explained

Ultrasonic or ultrasound scan is widely used in the diagnosis of any condition in a fetus. Ultrasound helps get images of soft tissues such the organs in the interior of the body. It can measure the blood flow in blood vessels. Unlike in 3D ultrasound scan that shows the features in three dimensions, a 4D scan shows the motion pictures of the 3D images.

How does it work?

Fort Walton Beach 4D ultrasound scan is akin to 3D scan but presents real-time three-dimensional images in motion. In 4D ultrasound scan, high-frequency sound is sent to the baby (fetus).

When you look at the screen during the scan, you can clearly see the face of the baby. However, how much you will see depends on the baby is facing.  Thus, if the baby is facing out toward your belly button, you can see where he is facing to.

When is it to be done?

Doctors advise 4D ultrasound scan during 26 weeks to 32 weeks of pregnancy. Note that during the 19th to 24th week, the gender of the fetus can be clear.  Checking for the gender is illegal is a punishable offence in some countries while it is not so in some other countries. Discuss with your doctor when it’s safe to do.

Pros and cons of 4D ultrasound scans

There are multiple pros and a few cons f 4D ultrasound scans.


The 4D scan is performed for your pleasure. It is not expected to find out or for diagnosing a condition. Couples will get a great relaxing feeling when they see scans. This is not the case when they see routine Fort Walton Beach 3D scans that aimed at medical purpose. Clinics often invite the members of the family to come to watch the scan. And, if they are unable to come, they can enjoy it just watching the DVD that is offered as the result of the scan.


To present quality 4D image, the scan takes a long time. It may take 45 minutes to complete the scan. However, during the scan time, the baby is exposed to high-intensity sound waves. And, a large part of the body is hit with the strong sound waves.

Ultrasound waves result in high vibration and a little heating in the tissues in the body of the baby. And, exposure of the baby to high-intensity ultrasound waves is not good as per experts as the waves may harm the baby.

Further, 4D ultrasound scans may highlight thing that likely to bring needless worries to parents. Though the scan is not for medical purpose and is just for pleasure, there may be some cysts or lumps found. Despite these formations only last for a short time, parents become weary. It is for these reasons that many top health bodies don’t recognize it as the medical way of diagnosis.


If you’re planning to get a 4D scan the more important consideration is the cost. The cost varies across clinics and across packages. Ask whether the price of is inclusive of the DVD and whether you will be entitled to get a second scan without cost if you so desire. The price may range from £50 to £300.

Though in terms of image quality, 4D ultrasound is much better than other ultrasound scans, discuss it with your doctor. If it is possible to avoid, it’s good. Indeed, it is recommended that you should avoid it. Also, check whether your health insurer covers the cost of 4D ultrasound. Be aware of all the points discussed here and take a sensible decision.

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